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Eventi Internazionali

Mapping Festival 2015 - workshops program and registration

Eventi Visual di maggior rilievo in Europa e nel mondo.

Moderatori: Takehiko, Vj-Kar, [FatCat]

Mapping Festival 2015 - workshops program and registration

Messaggioda MappingFestival » 20/03/2015, 16:21

Registrations are open for the next workshops of Mapping Festival, dedicated to audio-visual art and digital culture (May 7 to 17 2015).

Articulated around various themes and technological explorations, conducted by international instructors who are specialists in their respective fields, the six workshops will be spread over the two weeks of the festival.

Check for informations and registration.

Deadline: April 5th 2015!


Agit P.O.V. - Bike hacking with led lights (May 8 - 9)

Workshop conducted by Alexandre Castonguay (CA) and Mariángela Aponte Núñez (CO)

During this workshop, the participants will mount a 12-LED circuit, a micro-controller and a battery on their bicycle wheel. They will then be able to use persistence of vision (POV) effect to illuminate the streets during a mobile performance.

Game Design - Short Fiction to Board Game Adaptation (May 8 - 9)
Workshop conducted by Eddo Stern (US) and Douglas E. Stanley (CH)
In collaboration with the HEAD - Geneva

This workshop/masterclass will address various questions related to game design with Arduinity. The instructors will specifically discuss short fiction to life-size board game adaptation.

The Tricodeur - Knitting & Coding (May 8 - 10)

Workshop conducted by Sew&Laine + Louis Eveillard (FR)

The Tricodeur is a hacked knitting machine, which participants will use to address generative design through the creation of simple shapes, enabling the materialization of their knowledge of code on wool knit support.

Opera III - Dance and Interaction (May 8 - 10)

Workshop conducted by Giuseppe Bucci (CH) and Charles Mugel (CH)

In collaboration with the Fête de la danse

This workshop/masterclass proposes to the participants to discover the setup of a choreographic work, and to explore possibilities and constraints related to interaction between movement, sound and visuals thanks to a sensors system mounted on the dancer’s costume.

LED Club Design (May 11 -13)
Workshop conducted by Adrien Boulanger (FR), Yon Aliaga (CH), Gaël Abegg-Gauthey (FR), Quentin Berthet (CH)

This workshop will explore the setting-up of a scenography using LED light bars, specially designed for an evening party at the Zoo Club (Geneva). The participants will have the occasion to run the installation during the Mapping Festival opening club night.

Mapping Playground (May 12 - 16)

Workshop conducted by CHiKA (US/JP), Mike Latona (BE), Matt Mets (US) + MAD team (FR/CH) & special guests

During 5 days, the participants will explore new techniques for software, electronics, LED lights, video mapping and interactive installations - all in one place. After learning how to manage and execute an installation, they will turn their ideas into a public exhibition at the end of this workshop.
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