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Eventi Internazionali

International Facade Projection Competition 2015

Eventi Visual di maggior rilievo in Europa e nel mondo.

Moderatori: Takehiko, Vj-Kar, [FatCat]

International Facade Projection Competition 2015

Messaggioda GeniusLociWeimar » 17/03/2015, 15:05

The international festival of audiovisual projections Genius Loci Weimar has recently launched the third video mapping competition.

Genius Loci Weimar is a unique media art festival which looks beyond the mere geometry of objects to explore the possibilities of reflecting the spirit of the place through projection art.

For this competition, Genius Loci Weimar seeks for innovative ideas for the facade-projection festival. Every year, three new facades are chosen for the competition. For each facade, one artist or artist team will be selected as winner. The requirements are not easy to fulfill, but the winners can look forward to a total of 45,000 euros in prize money and to a fantastic show!

Contestants are invited to submit an artistic concept by 8 April 2015, including:

    ° a thirty-second audiovisual video clip (HD)
    ° an explanatory text (max. 300 words)
    ° a letter of motivation from the participant or group, including a self-description and provision of appropriate references.
    ° a specification of the support team and of designated representatives

The central requirements for the competition:

    ° An innovative design in the form of an audiovisual video mapping, with particular observance paid to the Genius Loci.
    ° An individual, original and sophisticated handling of the spirit of the location with respect to history and architecture, as well as to the people who were active there and who have influenced the surroundings, and the historical events that have left visible as well as invisible traces.
    ° The deliberate omission of erratic gimmickry and showmanship, intrusive clichés and careless historical retelling.

Deadline: 08. April 2015 23:59 CET

Do you have any questions about the festival and competition? Take a look at the Genius Loci Weimar website:
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